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       I was born and raised in northern California, specifically the Bay Area. Coming from a musically inclined family, my earliest memories are those that illustrate my unquenchable love for music .Although as a child and teenager I participated in the traditional sports and activities. My true passion and interest were held captive by my desire to be involved with music or its production.

       As a youth, my first break, so to speak, came when I worked as a counselor for the Boy's and Girl's Club of America in Menlo Park, California. I was given the highly covetous job of organizing and managing a talent show billed as "Krush Grove" This production showcased the up and coming talents of those who would later be premiere leaders and icons in the music industry: Fat Boy's, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, and others. The flames of my passion for music had been fueled. I now endeavored to improve and embellish my skill set in management and music events.

       In 1997, after years of acquiring the necessary skills, connections and experience in the music industry, I launched my company "Taboo Entertainment ". Under Taboo Entertainment I successfully planned, arranged and managed numerous events, providing reputable, quality and established musicians and singers to local venues and clubs. I hosted extravagant parties, and held "Talk of the town "fashion shows. In 2005 I had the fortuitous opportunity to work under the tutelage of the mogul of the music industry, the baron of entertainment, Russell Simmons. By way of his instruction, I was given some control and latitude over west coast marketing and distributions/ promotions for the "Baby Phat " perfume project. I competently established a symbolic relationship with popular retail stores Macy's, local radio stations, night clubs and concert venues. This immeasurably bolstered the selling and distribution of the aforementioned product. Moreover, I was part of the team that launched the release and book signing engagement of Russell Simmons’s  "Do You". I was aboard this project for three years, At the completion of this project, I was again blessed with the privilege of working with the team that made Rev Run’s viewing party for a reality TV show. Today I continue to establish connections, striving to increase my knowledge and understanding of the complexities and nuances of music production and the entertainment industry while staying relentlessly committed to servicing the needs of business associates I have encountered along the way.


       With the musical seed being planted by saxophone playing grandfather, Executive producer Ledale Puckett founded Sav'd Out Entertainment in 2005, as an independent entertainment company with the sole focus of proving independent artists with venues to showcase their talents. After showcasing numerous local venues with successful theme bases parties such as the “All White Virgo Bash” (Sept  2010), “April Fools & Aries Party” (Apr 2011), and the “Vixen Manuel Fashion Show” (Apr 2011) Sav’d Out Ent was able to collaborate with Bay Area artists Lee Major, Big Picks, M-Dash, and Young Biv along with Central Valley artists RP-9, Leah, B. Houston, and others to his the freshman compilation titled “Cali Dayz & Cali Nightz (2011). As a follow up, a collaboration between Zar The Dip and RP-9 led to the single “ Summer In Da City” (2011) In an effort to maximize the strengths of Sav’d Out Ent, Ledale obtained his Pro Tools certification as a recording/mix engineer and began running Sav’d Out Studios as an effort to cut overhead expenses. This was a wise choice as it led to the partnership with T.E. Music Group which offers talents ranging from cipher/rap artists to fashion/product models. As Sa’vd Out Ent embarks on yet another endeavor, our mission is and will always be to provide our clients, fans, and customers with quality products with an unmatched sense of professionalism.


Yours Truly,


Ledale (Izm) Puckett    







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